5 Years Later … Her First Haircut

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Last night I kinda freaked out on Facebook.

I had sent my husband to a cheap hair salon with our 5 year old daughter Kaydee. The plan was to get her hair washed and have 1/4 inch of the ends trimmed off. It wasn’t exactly a huge milestone or moment, just a trim, surely he could handle that. And off they went. Time passed, then more time and finally I got a text from my husband …

I thought when he said “a lot” it meant like an inch. That’s a lot of hair for a little girl …. not over half the length of her hair. This was my beautiful baby girl’s curls before, never been cut, five long years of growth …

curly blond hair

And then she walked in the door.

My jaw dropped (after she turned around). No matter what my personal feelings are I’d never allow her to feel bad. I told her over and over again how pretty it was while she cried her little heart out. She thought she looked like a boy and every one would make fun of her. She felt so bad about it she begged not to go back to school today, even asked for a wig!

So I scooped her up and took her shopping for some girly headbands and new shampoos/conditioners so this wouldn’t happen again. Her hair had to be cut this short because the knots were matted so bad they were beyond detangling. A few compliments from school friends and by the time she got off the bus she wasn’t feeling so bad about it. And now that I’ve gotten over the shock factor, I think the short style is pretty darn cute on her. But I sure will miss brushing her hair and doing piggy tails.

Kaydee's First Hair Cut

toddler with curly blond hair


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    • says

      It was horrible at first …. they cut so much hair off. :( But I do like it now, I just feel bad that this had to happen on her second day of school.

  1. says

    Oh Cat! She is ADORABLE!! Short and long, both styles are so cute. I love her little headbands and she is just a doll!! She will love how easy it is to take care of.

    • says

      It is so much easier to take care of now and I really need to stay on top of this so we’re not back in the same situation 5 years from now.

  2. says

    Awww, it is absolutely adorable and she does not look anything like a boy. I actually like it way better short. :)

  3. says

    Oh Cat she looks adorable with it short. That being said I can imagine the shock for her and you after seeing all those locks gone, she’s beautiful!

    • says

      Yes, shock is the right word. I’ve never been one to take change very well and this just had my jaw to the floor.

    • says

      It was worse when she came home, this is after some styling … and I agree, it’s much more adorable now and she’s rockin’ it. :)

    • says

      Yes, very short :( but she’s liking it more now and I am too especially with the flowery headbands which I could never get her to wear before.

    • says

      LOL you should have seen it when she came home … it was fluffy and just plain out there … but the coconut milk cream stuff I got helped weigh the curls down a bit and make them less frizzy.

  4. says

    She looks absolutely ADORABLE! I have to agree with you-the short hair definitely suits her :) I’m glad she’s feeling better about her hair because it really is super cute!

    I remember when my mom MADE my sister and I get matching mushroom haircuts (the equivelent of a bowl haircut for a boy). Dear lord, we H.A.T.E.D those haircuts! Loathed with a big, fat capital L.

  5. Rebecca Orr says

    Her hair looks so cute. And it seems to suit her well from what I can see. She is adorable regardless of her hairstyle, but I really think this takes the cuteness factor up a notch. I remember getting my hair cut super short for the first time when I was her age and I HATED it with a passion I normally save for people I despise. But I gave it a few days and it started to grow on me. Still to this day when I have it cut short after having it long I have a small heart-attack at the shocking change. Anyway, just wanted to say that you look cute as ever Kaydee!! Love those bouncy curls!!

    • says

      I know exactly what you mean. There are years I’ll let my hair grow without so much as a trim and on a whim get it cut to my chin, it always gives me a panic attack and I hate for the first few days.

  6. says

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww She’s Beautiful. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    IT REALLY turned out Gorgeous and those CURLS oh those CURLS make that bow look tooo cute

    now KAYDEE just needs to show off those pearly white with those curl s and I’d yellow DISNEY Movie star for sure

    • says

      I can’t get her to smile with her teeth … something I assume she picked up from never seeing me smile with my teeth.

  7. Cherie says

    She is adorable before and after! Great thinking to take her shopping for cute headbands

  8. April Joy says

    Cat, she is precious! What a living doll she is with her new hairstyle.

  9. Vickie Couturier says

    she is a little doll,,she wont know who shirley temple is but thats who she reminds me of,,tell her we think shes adorable

  10. Karen R says

    She really looks cute…………..tis better to show off her beautiful dark eyes.

  11. says

    She looks so very cute! I know how we hate cutting hair shorter than an inch or two, but the result isn’t so bad! She definitely rocks those curls right! Other than when I am doing a product review, I co-wash my curls and they are much happier for it. Curly hair is a whole different head of hair for sure!

    • says

      For sure! I feel so lost with her hair because she’s biracial and the texture is just foreign to me. I had no idea I wasn’t suppose to wash her hair daily, then we switched to every other day and now we’re told only twice a week at the most.

      • says

        It looks really good and healthy now! Curls love moisture, but they hate shampoo :D Now that you know and have good products, it will be so beautiful as it grows. It was pretty before, but curls really do have a life of their own. I developed mine after 4 kids and it is just frustrating to get used to how to handle them and take care of them. I LOVE Wen, but it is so pricey I just co wash

  12. says

    I absolutely love her hair like that with the headband! Those are some amazing curls and it really works with that haircut. She is just adorable!

  13. says

    CAT!!! Her hair is gorgeous! Well I might be a little prejudiced here because I just had my shoulder length cut and it ended up just that short and my hair is just that curly! I love it! And while you won’t have piggy tails or braids for a while she’s just as preciously cute as always!


    • says

      Is your hair really curly? I had no idea. From your picture it looks more wavy like mine but that pic is like 15 pixels. lol

    • says

      LOL no not quite THAT bad …. but it sure was a shocker when I was expecting an inch or two from Jon’s description.

  14. says

    It is SO cute and looks so healthy. I love the waves as it goes under the headband and the tendril of curl on her forehead.

    • says

      That is my FAVORITE curl that she’s had since her hair finally came in. It shall never be cut off … never. :)

  15. says

    Wow… she looks gorgeous!!! But I can understand the shock and horror of having all her hair cut off… that is crazy!

    • says

      Oh Sue, it was shocking … but I was more worried about her self-esteem. She’s very different than me, girlie and all about looks.

  16. says

    I think she looks absolutely ADORABLE — seriously. From your descriptions on Facebook, I was prepared for something horrible… THIS is not horrible. She is so CUTE with short hair — it looks so natural on her and her curls look so much more defined.

    • says

      Horrible is probably the wrong word but my gosh it shocked me … can you imagine if your husband brought home one of the boys with a mohawk … that’s was my jaw dropper. LOL

  17. Diane says

    Oh Wow she looks so Adorable and her hair looks so silky!
    I have hair just as natural curly and let me tell ya there is nothing better then wash an go hair!

  18. says

    I would be shocked too if we hadn’t talked about getting it cut so short. BUT, it looks absolutely adorable! I love how she has the longer curls in the front to frame her face! It really makes her eyes pop!

  19. says

    The new haircut just accents what a beautiful daughter you have. I think the nice comments from her school mates made all the difference in the world.

  20. says

    She’s beautiful Cat. Absolutely beautiful! I had read about this on facebook when I was on my mini vacation to Wisconsin Dells. So happy to see what it looks like now. You did a great job with the coconut milk and headband. Love it! (BTW, she could never be mistaken for a boy!)

  21. says

    Awww she looks adorable but why in the world did the hair dresser need to cut that much off? I mean knots can be un-knoted and if you brush her hair to style it, then it shouldn’t have been that drastic of a cut. But she looks great!

  22. says

    She looks adorable with the shorter hair! It must have been such a shock for her to lose that much, but I’m glad she’s feeling better about it. She has no reason to be self-conscious at all–she is beautiful!