37 Weeks – Think Good Thoughts

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I don’t know where 36 weeks went, it just flew right on by I suppose. Here I am just 3 weeks away from my due date and in a minor panic mode. I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to make sure we have everything in place, full well knowing that NOTHING is ever truly in place when a newborn enters the house. I spent the wee hours of the night researching options and hospital policies when it comes to “natural childbirth”. I suppose any way you have a child is natural, I just want to do things drug and intervention free this time. No epidural, no IV, no continuous fetal monitoring. I know it may not happen that way but if I’m going to be stuck in that awful place for at least one day, I want to do things that will give me the “feel” of a home birth, with the safety of a hospital birth.

Aside from the actual delivery worries, I have an appointment with my OB today. It was suppose to be last Monday, but that week was a mess for me so we postponed. Now I have to walk in there and show my doctor how bad my swelling has gotten and pray there is no protein in my urine this time. Last night I decided to shave my legs (bad idea when you barely reach over your belly) and noticed my socks had left deep indentations in my feet which were also a not-so-pretty shade of purple. Even worse, I’ve had to stop wearing clothes to bed at night because of the pain from even loose pajamas on my hips. Everything from the waist down looks like a bad case of “tomato face”….you know when you wake up with pillow creases on your face.

On the bright side, I did get one task accomplished last night…there will be a post on that later!

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  1. says

    Don’t mess with it love. Drink your water and stop racing around. Rest now because that’s the only way your body is going to get rid of that excess. Been there. Ended up wearing flip flops for the last three weeks because my feet wouldn’t fit in regular shoes.

  2. says

    Rest, Rest, Rest!! I am 35 weeks and right there with you, everything is getting mushy and swollen and achy!
    Try to take it as easy as you can!
    Congrats on shaving your legs, last time I attempted I totally missed a whole patch, and didn’t notice until the next day LOL!
    Hope your appointment goes great!

  3. Nicole says

    You’re almost there! I’m only 26 weeks but sometimes it feels like 36. Congrats on your endeavor towards natural childbirth.

  4. says

    Rest if you can — I panicked a bit because I am one week ahead of you and if you only have 3 weeks left — that means I only have 2 — AAAHHH!!!!

  5. marisol says

    try eating lots of watermelon, its a natural diureit (unless you have sugar problems) and will definitely help relief all of that swelling. Not to mention, that its perfectly safe for the baby and refreshing for you.