36 Week Belly Shot

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Yes, that is the look of fear on my face, and yes, I’m in my pajamas, nothing else fits right now. Something really weird is going on with my tummy lately, I’m pretty sure she’s starting to drop down into my pelvis. But back to that fear…I can’t believe this but I’m starting to get really freaked out about going into labor. I have a million questions running through my mind right now.
Will I go early?


Will it happen on a weekend?

What time of day will it be?

Can I really handle natural childbirth?

What if I wait too long to go to the hospital?

What if it’s snowing really heavy?

I’m going to drive myself crazy with all of the endless scenarios running through my mind, most of which are out of my control, which I guess makes it even more exciting. That is part of the reason I’m so against inductions, besides the medical risks associated with it. Labor and birth is supoose to be unpredicatble. I actually love the last few weeks wondering which day will be my child’s birthday. I thought for sure Kaydence would come on her due date like her big brother. I even prayed (something I never do) that she would come before July came around. I lost my son Gavin in July. But somehow I think life just knows what you need more than you do. Giving birth to Kaydence on July 1st made that month such a joyous time for me, rather than a month of remembering the pain I endured years ago.

This is getting crazy exciting!

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  1. Patricia Godfrey says

    Wow, I was induced with both of my kids, so I didn’t get to experience the whole “surprise mommy here I come” thing. Looks like you’re definitely ready to pop though. Hope you have a wonderful birth experience to share with us soon and a healthy baby girl :)

  2. says

    This is exciting — I am waiting and wondering — as I see on my baby ticker that I have 19 days until due date (not that means much)! The bottom line early, late, snow, rain, weekend or week day — you will have a baby in the end. Trust your body, it most likely knows what it is doing!

    But I do hear you I go to sleep each night wondering if tomorrow will be it!

    Have a great day!

  3. says

    I can’t wait to see her first pics! Are you taking your laptop to the hospital with you? How will we know when you have her? ahhh….I’m getting so excited seeing your belly! hehe

  4. Sarah says

    The scenarios are endless, aren’t they? I wish you the best in the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

  5. says

    I take it then that you didn’t go natural with the other two? I was natural with all three. Mo was induced but she was over cooked a little. The other two were totally on their own schedule. No drugs for Mo and Tuck and a light dose of pain meds (that lasted all of 30 minutes) so I could rest a little with Munch. You can do it. It’s very mental so start coaching yourself now. Find a quiet place in your head. I could go on and on but this IS your blog!