25 Sweet Treats for Your Valentine

I should be a little ashamed to admit this but I almost forgot Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. My brain has been so busy with daily life that I almost let this holiday slip right by me. But it’s not entirely my fault, my husband and I decided it was okay to skip Valentine’s Day this year since we’re more focused on paying off debt than tossing money into holidays. But that doesn’t mean I’ll let the day go by without showing him how much he has meant to me for 12 years now. Between my own baking and all of the goodies I’ve discovered on Pinterest, I’m quite sure I can cook up something sweet for him (and the kids).

9 Valentine's Day Treats

 Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 1. Peeps Valentine S’mores 2. Cherry Love Muffins 3. Sweetheart Dipped Pretzels 4. Cherry Chocolate Cake 5. Chunky Heart Rice Krispies Treats 6. Cherry Stuffed Cake Pops 7. Peanut butter cups 8. Mini Apple of My Eye Pies 9. Dipped Fortune Cookies

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day Sweets

Valentine’s Day Savory Eats


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    Cooking for someone is love! Dads love to eat and kids love to help. Super inspirational, thank you!