29 Years Ago Today

baskin robbins ice cream cone cake

Twenty-nine years ago today I was born in the wee hours of the morning. I don't have many pictures of me as a baby but I did come across these two ... with me ... dressed in blue. I still tease my mom about dressing me like a boy but I'm guessing it was just hand me down stuff from a cousin.     While my birthday didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped for, I did have a nice Olive Garden dinner at home with family, got some … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Recipe | Cheesy Bacon Tater Tot Bites #HFExtendedFamily

bacon cheddar tater tots

Super Bowl Sunday is a day usually spent at home with our family so we tend to make a lot of kid-friendly appetizers and side dishes. If that's something you're looking for then your kids will love these cheesy bacon tater tots. The ingredients are simple and can be thrown together in less than 30 minutes.   Just preheat your oven to 425 degrees F and fill a cupcake pan with liners. Drop 4 frozen tater tots into cup and bake for 15 … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly Recipe | Mini Mexican Pizzas

kid friendly mexican pizza

Taco night around here usually means I'm tossing some seasoned meat on corn chips with the with all the fixin's. It's easy peasy but it's also kinda boring. The last time we did "tacos" the kids were begging for homemade pizzas but since I already had everything for the tacos in the fridge I thought it would be fun to give their must-have pizza .. just a little differently than they expected.   This dish is easy enough for kids to … [Read more...]

Skinny Recipe | LIGHT Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

buffalo chicken cheese dip pita cracker

With the Super Bowl just a week away I thought now was a good time to dust off some of my favorite snack recipes and add a few new ones to the menu. My husband is always ordering up his favorite buffalo chicken wings for the big game but I thought it would be better (for him) if I found a way to incorporate his favorite flavors into a lighter, healthier dish that's perfect for snacking. Since I had a few cans of the Swanson Premium Chunk … [Read more...]

Friday Food Finds | Super Bowl Snacks and Sweets

friday food finds superbowl food

I'll admit, I didn't watch much football this season, except for the game where the Chiefs whooped up on the undeafeted Packers. Now THAT was a sweet game because 1) the Chiefs were kinda pathetic this year and 2) I got to laugh so hard when they beat my dad's precious Packers. However, despite not giving a hoot about who wins this year, I do love watching the Super Bowl ... for the commercials. And while my husband and son are mesmerized by … [Read more...]

the haircut.

cats new haircut

Two nights ago, I stood in front of my bathroom mirror in the wee hours of the night. In the 15 minutes I stood there, I looked at myself and picked apart every feature of my face that I hated. From the bags under my eyes, the shape of my lips, the little bump on the bridge of my nose, the slight beginnings of crow's feet around my eyes to the stringy drippings of hair laying across my chest. Growing up, aside from myself, the only people that … [Read more...]

My Sweet Escape (to the Bath Tub) with Café Escapes

cafe escapes milk chocolate hot cocoa

Nearly every afternoon around 5:30-ish there's a place I go to - my sweet escape. It's not grand, tropical or even quiet but it's peaceful and if I don't forget to lock the door, it's all mine. After a day of the girls bickering, an afternoon of my son's incesent football statistics being drilled into my brain and usually a sleepless night, I like to grab a cozy bath towel, a hot cup of tea and escape to my bath tub. I get about 30 minutes of … [Read more...]

Recipe | Over-the-Top Banana Muffins with Oatmeal Crumble Topping

oatmeal crumble banana muffins

Last week I bought a big bunch of green bananas knowing exactly what I'd be doing with them. Waiting. Waiting for them to turn spotty and over-ripened so I could put them to good use in some banana muffins. Last week I stumbled onto this recipe for banana bars and couldn't resist the temptation. The recipe was so easy to follow, especially since it involved just a single mixing bowl and the muffins, my goodness they came out so moist. … [Read more...]

Tie Buddies

toddler in daddy's dress shirt and tie

Once in a blue moon my husband comes to me begging asking me to help him tie his tie. Me? Really? He grew up in a church going house with a dad that wore his fair share of ties. Not me! I saw my dad in a tie one time in 20 years and that was for my wedding and it was probably a clip on. So why this man comes to me for help is beyond me. Fortunately, there's the wonderful world of YouTube where you can learn how to do pretty much anything, … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Recipe | Cheesy Broccoli Chicken with Roasted Tomatoes & Potatoes

velveeta chicken fire roasted potatoes

Every week seems to present a new set of challenges when it comes to cooking new and different meals that the whole family loves. While we often find ourselves to be creatures of habit, especially when food is involved, occasionally I like to mix things up with something new and different. During the winter months, I spend a lot of time creating slow cooker meals and we love using chicken in there because it comes out so tender and moist. This … [Read more...]