2012 Rewind of Miss Kaydee

Since I started blogging I’ve had this end of the year tradition of doing a rewind — a picture of each child from every month during the year. (see 2011, 2010)

Well. Umm. I was kind of a slacker with the camera this year.

I feel terrible but as the kids get older they seem to get more camera shy. And yes, I’ve been lazy about pulling out the camera to snap pictures. I wanted to spend more time with the kids than behind the lens watching. But I did find this photo taken of Kaydee last April …

Kaydence Davis 2012


And and here she is now …

Kaydence Davis 2012 2


It was a pretty big year for this little girl.

She …

  • turned 5 years old
  • got her first real haircut (which my husband still feels terrible about)
  • started her first year of school in Kindergarten
  • got her ears pierced a second time (and didn’t cry)
  • learned to read
  • tried to ride a bike with no training wheels
  • turned on us pink lovin’ girls and declared ‘Cowboy blue’ to be her favorite color
  • and most recently got her first wiggly tooth


  1. says

    What a nice idea for a post! You know I have found myself not taking much pictures of the kids either… Hunter less then Landon. Maybe cause they are in school too?? Anyways ahhh wiggly tooth! I’m waiting for Hunter to get his first one. :)

  2. says

    She is just so beautiful. I love her hair, both short and long.
    What an exciting year for her: kindergarten, pierced ears, reading, and a wiggly tooth. I can hardly wait to see what next year holds for her.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year to your whole family.

  3. says

    I have done the year in rewind thing since you started doing it. I usually just print it off for family members, but maybe I will post it. Your daughter is adorable. I love her curls!!! Those pictures are fantastic!