2012 Rewind of Miss Emmaleigh

Another year has come and gone. I’ve been here for every moment in my children’s lives and yet every day they continue to surprise me. After our second child was born I thought my life was complete, my heart as full as it could get and then Miss Emma came along. My heart grew 10 times bigger!

Back in February she turned 3 years old, still my baby (just don’t tell her that).

Emma 2012 1


And now she’s about to turn 4 and again, still my baby, just with a few more fluffy curls on her head.

Emma 2012 2


In 2012, Miss Emma …

  • turned 3 years old
  • got her ears pierced
  • got her first big girl bike
  • met the Disney Princesses at Disney World
  • learned how to spell and write her name
  • developed a crazy love for tutus
  • became fully potty trained and ended a 10 year era of diapers in this house.

P.S. HUGE thanks to Brandy who edited these photos on Fiverr, check out her work!


  1. says

    She is such a cutie! I can certainly see why she has captured your heart. I saw her in a video you did of making cookies with her helping, and it was so stinking cute!