2012 Products Reviews | Does It Still Work?

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Every year I get the opportunity to try out an assortment of new products with our family. Some start out wonderful and then quickly find their way to the garbage while others become part of our daily lives. Out of the dozens of products I tested, these are some of the best and worst products of 2012.

best and worst products of 2012

The BEST Products of 2012

Safety 1st ProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer – Our family has been through all lot of thermometers this year, mostly because they end up missing when we need them most. But this has been the one thermometer I go back to time and time again because it’s so easy to use and always the most accurate. The kids also like the red/green color aspect so they can understand why they have to take yucky tasting medicine.

Neosporin Essentials for Eczema – Living with mild eczema has been irritating at the least. One of the few products that actually helped and healed my winter breakouts has been this product line. We’ve even found it helps our daughter’s eczema which is a bit more severe than mine.

Method Home Cleaners – I’ve been using Method for over a year now and it has almost completely replaced all of the cleaning products in my home. We use Method for the floors, counter tops, stainless steel, dish washing. laundry and most recently in our dishwasher. Plus they come out of with new and refreshing scents all the time, I couldn’t stay away if I wanted to.

The WORST Products of 2012

Meaningful Beauty – It’s not a bad product, I’m just a bad user. At first it was great, but really, a product system that requires several steps to apply day and night gets old fast. I found myself going right back to my single wash and lotion routine, for a quarter of the price.

Clearasil PerfectWash No Touch Dispenser – Another product that started out wonderful but didn’t hold up to daily use. After a couple of months the whole dispenser shorted out (probably water damage). This could be a great product but for something meant to be used near a bathroom sink, it should be 100% waterproof.

Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner – The big bummer of the year. Not a month after daily use and we found ourselves shoving this vacuum into the garage. The motor was overheating and the canister wouldn’t connect flush to the unit.

Products I BOUGHT and LOVE or HATE

Rack It Up Oval Pot Rack – I can’t believe it took me so long to finally buy one of these. The kitchen rack was fairly easy to install and it has held up very well to the weight of my heavy Calphalon pots and skillets. Several months later it is still my life saver when it comes to keeping my kitchen organized.

Sears Craftsman 22” Rear Drive Self-Propelled Electric Start EZ Lawn Mower – I’m highly disappointed with this product. We spend a pretty penny for a shiny new lawn mower and within a month it started having problems. The side shoot would fall off easily, it wouldn’t start half the time and despite regular maintenance it was spitting out obnoxious fumes from the motor.

Intex 16 ft x 48 in Ultra Frame Above Ground Pool Set – For one summer this pool was fantastic! Then winter came and it was time to store it. We found that getting the liner clean was absolutely impossible. I’m not sure we’ll bother putting it up for the next summer seeing as the liner is too heavy for two adults to lift and get remotely clean.


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  1. says

    I LOVE that you do this! I love the Neosporin! I also have the vacuum and love it, however not so sure it’s meant for hardwood floors as it doesn’t pick up cheerios not matter how hard I’ve tried.

  2. says

    What a neat post. I wish I would have thought of doing something similar before the last day of the month. I have one of those Clearasil products in my shower, luckily it is still in good condition. For the Hoover WindTunnel, I had problems with it after my first use. I had a friend fix it and it seems to be working fine now.

    I have the Neosporin products, but haven’t used them. I might recommend them to my friend that has a daughter with Eczema since they seem to work for you. :)

  3. Sunnie says

    Thanks for posting, good review. I wonder if it’ll take off like your Crayola bubbles review!

  4. ellen beck says

    THIS is good blogging…. I am all for seeing new products and hearing your first impressions of things but it is the long term practicality at the end of a month, a year or whatever that impresseses me the most.

    Oftentimes it is a blogs glowing review that might first influence me to buy/try something I normally might not, or in most cases havent heard of. I know you all are paid by sponsors but before I spend my money, a post like this is what really helps.

    Thankfully I never did get around to buying the no touch dispenser- but it looked so nice and such a good idea.

    I also keep telling myself to get the pan rack………. after seeing how well you rate it and knowing how much you do cook it is a definite GO product.

    Thanks for the ever honest reviews !

  5. says

    I always get a kick out of these year-end posts. Sometimes you like a product at first and then in a month or two, you change your mind! I’m going to have to check out that Neosporin stuff–I have eczema on my hands and it hurts when I cook (so, like, always!).

  6. says

    I also tried the Clearasil PerfectWash No Touch Dispenser. I really liked it at first but, like you, had problems with it after a while. The pump quit working on me.

  7. says

    Funny thing is I agree 100% on the Clearasil Dispenser! Ours was in the trash the moment the campaign was over. BUT it’s funny that you said the Hoover vacuum because I have the same one and Love it. It’s just as good as my Dyson but weighs a LOT less.