2011 Product Reviews Rewind | Does It Still Work?

2011 best products

It has become a tradition each year to go through all of my product reviews for the year and pick out the best and worst of the bunch. Often times, I'll find that a two trial of a product will show that it either works or doesn't but it's the long haul I'm looking for in a product. And I imagine you are too! That's why I think it's important to give an update on which products are no longer working and ones I would I still recommend and … [Read more...]

Post-Holiday Clean Up with Finish Jet-Dry

finish jet dry clean up

I don't know what it is about the holidays but it's the one time of the year that dirty dishes seem to multiply. By the time I was done with my pre-holiday baking, I had enough dirty dishes to fill my dishwasher twice. And then after the holiday dinner, that was another three loads of dishes. It was a pretty messy situation. I'm not sure if I have my new dishwasher, the awesome FINISH® QUANTUM® packets I use to clean them or the FINISH® … [Read more...]

Nerdy Girl 1983 and Beyond

Catherine Stigleman Davis Pictures

At the risk of stepping in it again today, I'm going to try this again with a different direction. If you don't know what I'm talking about, fabulous. :) Today a blog reader of mine posted a picture of her daughter on Facebook. The instant I saw it, I was reminded of myself. Maybe it was a generational thing or maybe we would have been two peas in a pod. Whatever, the reason, I felt the need to share my inner (and outer) nerdy girl. I'm … [Read more...]

Beer Bread Recipe with Italian Herb Infused Olive Oil Gift Basket

beer bread and herb oil dip

This past Christmas I got some pretty wonderful gifts ... money from my parents, a gorgeous dessert plate and cake stand from my hubby and one gift that surprised me the most. My sister gave me this adorable little food basket filled with herb infused olive oil, a bottle of beer, a bag of dough mix, recipe card and a Rachael Ray loaf pan in this hideous orange color. Turns out 1) the orange looks pretty amazing against wood and the handles are … [Read more...]

White Chocolate Caramel Mocha Cookie Iced Coffee Chiller Recipe

White Chocolate Mocha Cookie Chiller

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Needless to say, I love me some coffee whether it's hot, cold, creamed, sweetened or blended with other flavors. My personal favorite is drinking coffee cold and blended with ice. It tastes more like a dessert that way and I can pick and choose which flavors I'm in the mood for. One of my absolute favorite drinks is a "chiller" from a local coffee store that blends coffee, ice, cookies and white chocolate together to … [Read more...]

2011 Rewind | 3 Kids Growing Up


It has become a bit of a blog tradition of mine to look back on the year by putting together snapshots of each of my kids from each month of the year. I love looking back and seeing how much they've all changed. At the same time, it saddens me more than years past because we made a permanent decision to cap our family size to "3 kids and us". It wasn't easy and honestly, I feel a bit of regret about it, I probably always will. But ... today is … [Read more...]

Winter Comfort Food | Beanie Weenie Casserole Recipe

Beanie Weenie Casserole

It's the day after Christmas and you look in the fridge only to realize it's bare. You've eaten all the leftovers and all you can think about is either not cooking at all or cooking something ridiculously easy. I went with the latter. So I called up my daddy and asked him for his Beanie Weenie Casserole recipe. It's not anything super special but when you do it right, it's comforting and good. Easy on the wallet too! Beanie Weenie Casserole … [Read more...]

Our Day Baking for Christmas

chistmas vanilla bean pizzelles

Today started with some warm vanilla bean Pizzelles fresh off the iron. Next came the mountains of peanut butter cookies for guys. More than enough sugar cookies that still need frosted. Sneaking a bite of milk chocolate fudge. Packing it all up for delivery. And finally .... resting my achy feet by the electric fire. It's not as awesome as a real one but the heat and ambiance is good enough for this tired mama. Only thing … [Read more...]