Slow Cooker Recipe | Whole Caramel Apples for Fall

Crock Pot Caramel Apple

Okay, so it may not be fall just quite yet but that doesn't mean I can't make the kitchen smell like it is without heating the house up and the slow cooker is the perfect tool for that. I get the scent of cinnamon apples drifting throughout the house and all the heat stays in the little pot. Nothing, not even a baked apple pie is as good as caramel apples. When you toss whole apples in the Crock Pot with a few caramels, you get this delicious … [Read more...]

TruMoo Chocolate Milk (No HFCS) Chat 8/31 at The Motherhood


As a mom, my one goal in life is to raise healthy and happy children. Like most parents, every day is a learning experience especially when it comes to providing my children with healthy food and drinks. One thing I know for sure is that milk has always been a healthy source of nutrients. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to get my kids to drink it without adding a little chocolate flavor. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! Evidently, … [Read more...]

Tips for Easing a Child into Early Childhood Education


In just a few short days my oldest daughter will be starting her second year of Preschool, also known as Early Childhood Education. Living in a school district with a very rigorous academic schedule, I understand how important it is for her to get the earliest start possible to prepare her for the years of education ahead.As a stay at home mom, I worried, probably a little too much, about letting my "baby" out of the nest so to speak. Having … [Read more...]

Neat Desk Digital Organizer for Back to School

Neat Desk

Chances are, as a parent, you're smack dab in the beginning weeks of back to school season or at the least getting very close. Assignments, art class drawings, shopping lists and the like are coming and going, perhaps even building into a stack on the corner of your desk. I know this because until last week, my "school stack" was already reaching about 6 inches high. And that stack is about to get higher with another child heading into preschool … [Read more...]

Food Find | Signature Selections Cinnamon French Apple Pie

Cinnamon Apple Pie

With the recent onset of cooler night time temperatures, I've been thinking a lot about fall. It's not only my favorite time of the year because it cools down but it's also the best time of the year to get fresh apples. We're pretty lucky that we have an apple orchard practically in our backyard and have access to the fresh picked apples through a little country store called Apple Barn. For our family, it's the brightest spot in this little town … [Read more...]

Friday Food Finds | Gummy, Chewy, Yummy

friday food finds

I don't know what it is about PMS but every month my hormones go outrageously out of control followed by urgent need to devour one particular kind of sweet eat. It could be chocolate, could be Rice Krispies Treats or like this month, gummy worms, well gummy anything. Worms are just conveniently shaped and are fun to play with. In honor of my first Friday Food Finds, I'm sharing with you some of my favorite gummy food finds of the past week, … [Read more...]

Photography – Instagram Snapshots


For the past couple of weeks I've been feeling pretty down, seasonal depression kicking in I'm guessing. The melancholy mood swing has left my camera collecting dust on a shelf, my blog growing cobwebs and well, you get the idea. However, I did pick up my iPhone to snap a few pictures of the kids and the pup this week. They're always a bright spot in my day no matter how I'm feeling. … [Read more...]

Kid Fashion Find | New Crocs Sneakers in Metallic Purple for Back to School

Crocks Metallic Purple Sneak

Back to School is officially here with one child already into his first week of 5th grade and other starting her second year of pre-school in just a few weeks. One thing on every parents mind right now is school shopping, the clothes, the supplies and even the shoes. Having a 4 year old fashionista in the house, I try to find ways to keep her feet looking fresh, my budget in check and the school administration happy with our choices. Well, this … [Read more...]