From the Garden, Herb Crusted Pork Chops Recipe

Herb Crusted Pork Chops

This week I was walking around my vegetable garden, thinking about all of the big, beautiful tomatoes I'll have in a few short weeks and dreaming about BLT sandwiches. Then I ventured over to the herb section and decided it was time to stop dreaming and start consuming. I have all of these beautiful herbs and haven't been using them to their full potential. So I bent over and start plucking some of the sage leaves, a few sprigs of rosemary and a … [Read more...]

Photography – Looking at the Sky

Pink Painted Sky Illinois

One of my favorite hobbies is looking at the world around me ... the flowers, the trees, the animals and most often, the sky. Which probably explains why I'm such a klutz tripping over stuff all of the time. When I'm not chasing down thunderstorms trying to capture pictures of lightning, I'm taking snapshots of the beautiful cloud formations and colors. … [Read more...]

4th of July Red, White & Blue Pound Cake Dessert

4th of July Pound Cake

Of all the cakes I've ever baked, pound cake has never been one of them. My first introduction to this style of cake was the Sara Lee frozen pound cakes, which I find to be quite tasty. Until I tasted a real pound cake. Like made from scratch, warm and buttery fresh out of the oven. Boy was I missing out! And you are too if you've never bothered to bake one! Just in time for 4th of July celebrations, I decided to try out the Paula Deen Pound … [Read more...]

Scheels Grand Opening in Springfield IL *Coupons*

scheels building

Central Illinois residents now have an amazing new store to visit, shop and even stop for a unique lunch. Inside the new Scheels Sporting Goods store located at 3801 South MacArthur Blvd in Springfield, IL, you'll will be able to experience and shop one of the most comprehensive sporting goods stores in the area. Parents can also entertain the kids with a NASCAR simulator, giant Ferris Wheel, shooting gallery and even a jungle gym. (photo by … [Read more...]

Sugar Cookie Cupcakes Accidentally Delicious #Recipe

Sugar Cookie Cupcake

Here I am in my kitchen with this gorgeous hot pink mixer prepped and ready to stir the heck out of my cake batter masterpiece. I've got my bag of flour, sugar, eggs, butter and miscellaneous ingredients ready to go. In my mind I'm envisioning this fluffy cupcake richly flavored with white chocolate and topped with a mound of white chocolate buttercream. The reality is, there's not a drop of white chocolate in the cupcakes I made. Why? … [Read more...]

Dress Up Your Dish Recipe Contest with California Ripe Olives

Sausage Olive Pasta Bowl 2

If you follow me on Facebook or even Twitter, you've likely seen my conversations about my love of black olives. They've been one of my favorite snack foods for as long as I can remember and they're also a tasty addition to traditional recipes. Whether you eat them right out of the can, sprinkle a few slices on a taco salad or incorporate them into a vegetable omelet, there's no denying that California Ripe Black Olives go perfect with any … [Read more...]

New Milestone – Her First Earrings {Video}

Kaydee First Earrings

I can't believe I'm saying this but ... my daughter got her ears pierced. I've said many times that I would wait until my daughters were old enough to make a decision for themselves, like 14 or 18 or 30 but sometimes your parenting style changes. I can't say for sure why we decided her 4th birthday would be the ear piercing milestone but it happened. She's happy, I'm in awe and life is just peachy. More than anything, I'm really proud of … [Read more...]

Stinky Washing Machine? Clean it with Affresh!

affresh washer tablet

Before owning a front loading HE washing machine, I knew the perils of a stinky washer. After five years of washing clothes, the smell gradually got worse and worse and yet even worse. What I didn't know was that you're actually suppose to wash a washing machine! Seems like an oxymoron doesn't it? Why in the world would you need to wash something that has the sole job of washing things? Fact: All brands of washers have the potential for … [Read more...]