Mother’s Day Gift – Shari’s Gourmet Berries

sharis berries feature

If you're like me and holding out until the last minute to shop for your mother, you'll want to pay close attention as I share Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate for Mother's Day. I know firsthand these wonderful edible gifts will be a hit with mom as I got to sample a dozen Swizzled Berries with Dipped Cookies. These incredibly delicious berries are hand dipped and delivered to the recipient chilled and packaged very well. Every berry and … [Read more...]

Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Crescent Braid Recipe

broccoli chedder chicken croissant braid

Far too often we have week nights when my husband comes home late from work and we're left scrambling to come up with dinner at the last minute. The end result of that scramble means fast food more often than I'd like to admit. It doesn't help that I'm not much of a planner when it comes to meals because I never know what flavors I'll be in the mood for. To help avoid our fast food splurges, I've been working on a few recipes we can use when … [Read more...]

Marriage is about Small Doses

War of Roses

I realize that every relationship is different and couples have a different tolerance level for each other, but really, how many days can you truly spend in the same house with your husband/wife before you start feeling like your life is about to play out like this... I love my husband very much, I do, but the truth is I can only handle him in small doses before I reach my marriage max and he's been home for exactly 6 days now. That's not … [Read more...]

WW – Photos from Easter Sunday

emma easter 1

This year we had a wonderful Easter full of chocolate bunnies, candy filled plastic eggs and plenty of "mom, enough with the pictures already." While we didn't do the typical family get together, we enjoyed a day of leisure and sugar highs. {the best smile Emma could come up with considering her mouth was stuffed with chocolate} {Surprise! More Candy ... as if they didn't have enough} {Trading candy for cash and saving me a dental bill} … [Read more...]

Mom Talk – Is My Child Ready for YouTube?


I had an interesting question come from my son. The brief conversation went like this ... Mattison: Mom, do you know how to make videos on YouTube? Mom: Sure, I put videos on there all the time. Why? Mattison: Well, you see, there's kids that make videos about Go-Go's all the time and I want to make some about mine too. Mom: hmmmmm Mattison: Please, I already made one and I was kinda quiet but I really want to put it on … [Read more...]

Cooking with Vapor Technology 360 Cookware Review

360 cookware steamed potatoes broccoli

A few weeks ago I was asked to try a new kind of cookware. Not just any kind of cookware, but something truly different. At first, I was pretty skeptical. 360 Cookware claims that you can cook foods healthier without using oils or butter or even cooking spray. Before using the 360 Cookware by Americraft, I would have told you it sounded like a very expensive gimmick. After using 360 Cookware, I'm completely blow away by how amazing and … [Read more...]

Dipped and Decorated Rice Krispies Treat Eggs for Easter

candy dipped decorated rice krispies treat eggs

Three simple ingredients combined together make one of my absolute favorite treats of all time. Butter. Marshmallows. Rice Krispies cereal. We're talking about Rice Krispies Treats my friends. They're easy enough for a child to make (with supervision of course) and can be molded into just about any shape imaginable. For Easter, we thought it would be fun to mold our treats into egg shapes. It all starts with a very simple recipe ... 4 … [Read more...]

Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Clean Multi-Protection Rinse Results

crest pro health

About one month ago I began an oral hygiene challenge with Crest Pro-Health Mouth Rinse. Knowing my history of cavities, this was a challenge I took very seriously. I needed a product that would meet my oral care needs and be easy to incorporate into my life. Did Crest Pro-Health Mouth Rinse meet those needs? Absolutely. My daily life is often busy, unscheduled and full of sugar coated snacks to give me a quick pick-me-up. While I make every … [Read more...]