14 Days of Laughter Bright Starts InGenuity Review

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Meet the Bright Starts InGenuity Playard

Convenience for travel, styling for home. The InGenuity Playard is designed with the One Less Step™ folding system for the easiest portability and beautiful fabric styling to complement your home decor. But the patented Sleep Easy™ feature in the bassinet makes this Playard a stand-out in offering the most comfortable and healthy sleep for your baby. The bassinet mattress can be adjusted to a slightly inclined sleeping position or can remain flat.

Safety Information

  • Bassinet weight limit: 15 lbs
  • Play Yard limitations: 30 lbs or 35 inches in height
  • Changing Table weight limit: 25 lbs

Top Features

  • Sleep Easy Incline™ bassinet with 2 sleep positions: flat or slightly inclined
  • Extra-large storage tray holds a full box of wipes, diapers, and more
  • One Less Step™ feature allows you to quickly fold the Playard without removing the bassinet.

Our Bright Starts InGenuity Playard Experience

Thanks to Bright Starts, my family and I were able to experience a brand new product from the InGenuity collection that in my opinion is one of the best multifunctional playards I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. It offers accessories that make my life easier with safety features that I feel comfortable trusting with my baby.

For starters, the changing table and storage tray have made changing diapers a much quicker task no matter when end of the house I’m on. With our little Emma now running all over the house, we can keep her non-portable changing table in her room and the InGenuity Playard in the living room to save time and travel when changing diapers.

bright starts ingenuity accessory holder

Among the many safety features, I love that the optional bassinet buckles are covered in soft fabric when the bassinet is not in use. This is perfect for preventing my one year old daughter from trying to chew them or getting her little fingers pinched in the buckles.

bright starts ingenuity safety featureThe changing table is secured in 4 points, one support clamp on the top and bottom, along with 2 clamps on the other side that allows it to support up to 25 lbs. For many children, this can be used for quite some time. Our daughter is just 21lbs at a year old and is able to use the changing table.

bright starts supports

And of course, the best part of any playard is the ability to have a portable nap or play zone for your baby on the go. This past weekend we had to do some bedroom rearranging because our toddler was being difficult and the playard with the perfect solution. We were able to allow Emmaleigh to sleep in our bedroom without having to move her full size crib.

bright starts ingenuity playard

Room for Improvement

Over the course of three children we’ve owned quite a few multifunctional playards. The great thing about having a playard is how easily it travels inside and outside the home. Unfortunately, like all other playards I’ve used, the Bright Starts InGenuity Playard does not fit through standard doorways inside the home without being folded. For parents like myself that may need to easy go from room to room, I’d really love to see this particular playard offered in a smaller width.

One other area that is missing an important safety feature is the changing table. While I’d never intentionally leave my daughter unattended, it’s always a good idea to have a safety strap for those just in case moments. I’d love to see a retractable safety belt added to prevent any accidental falls which would also avoid a strangulation hazard by being retractable.

Buy It

Ready to go shopping for a product from the Bright Starts InGenuity Collection? The Bright Starts InGenuity Playard is available online at Amazon for $99.99 along with the rest of the collection. If you’re looking for this product in stores, be sure to check the Bright Starts Where to Buy page for a complete list of stores that includes Walmart, Babies R Us and more.

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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  1. Eileen Burke says

    Always makes me chuckle because she’s so thrilled to be covered in sauce!

  2. Jennifer H says

    Hopefully this pic will work for you :) I think you are an fb fan of mine so you should be able to see. I love this pic of my lil man having fun in the outdoors-http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?pid=113272&id=100000014958632

  3. Karil Whetstone says

    My 1st grandchild is due in june this would be a great gift for my new grandchild

    • nicole says

      I dont knowwhy it didnt take the whole link? i guess copy and paste it? let me know! Thanks

  4. says

    I’m a mom of eight and I love this pic of my #3 son and #4 daughter. Trying so hard to look mad!!

  5. Uniquely Normal says

    Well, my baby isn’t born yet, but my husband and I are continually entertained by the flips, swirls, punches and bladder kicks. It makes me laugh and smile, all day long; it’s like my own little secret entertainment. At night, when I’m home with my DH, he spends time trying to get the baby to kick him in the face! It makes us both laugh hysterically! http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h213/dgr123116/Baby/DSC00276.jpg

  6. Uniquely Normal says

    I”m a Bright Starts FB Fan! Genevieve(I’ll let you know my last name if you need to verify)