Fisher-Price Moments of Joy Sweepstakes

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There are so many moments in a lifetime that are cherished and celebrated, but for me, none more special than the pure moments of joy from my children. As corny as that sounds, it’s true. There are days I look at these babies and just stand there in complete awe. Just this past week I found Emma in the laundry room hanging clothes. It’s a simple task that as an adult is probably one of the most boring things you do daily. But not for my little Emma. She was excited and so proud of herself for doing a “big girl” chore.

It’s moments like those that I want to remember forever and it’s also part of the reason I started blogging. I wanted to share my happiness with the world and have a record of every little thing I might forget one day.

moments of joy sweepstakes

Fisher-Price knows how wonderful those moments are and that’s why they’re hosting the Moments of Joy Sweepstakes. From now until December 20, 2012 you can visit the entry page online and submit a video, photo or written story sharing your favorite moments of joy and enter to win some fantastic prizes including:

  • Grand Prize (1): $1,000 worth of Fisher-Price toys, awarded in the form of one (1) prize package consisting of Fisher-Price toys selected by Fisher-Price in its discretion or $1,000 in gift cards to the Fisher-Price Online Store at
  • Weekly Prizes (20 total – 5 awarded per week): A $100 American Express Gift Card.


Use the entry form below to enter to win a $100 AMEX gift card.

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* I was provided with a gift card to share this sweepstakes.

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  1. My greatest moment of joy was finding out that David was perfectly healthy after a long pregnancy and them telling me he was not going to live or be healthy.

  2. Apparently my link doesn’t work, but I shared on facebook my story (which you STILL can’t click on to see) but here’s the link to that:

  3. Moment of joy in my life – the huge relief felt just recently when my husband’s medical condition took an upswing for the better. Wonderful, joyful news!

  4. Stacey B says:

    Seeing my oldest son meet his little brother for the first time, was so sweet!

  5. Stacey B says:
  6. Seeing my son smile this morning after dealing with a cold yesterday.

  7. Kelly D says:

    My moment of joy is when my son comes home from first grade and my daughter is so happy to see him and play.

  8. Kelly D says:

    My entry ( I posted it to FB in order to share )

  9. Both births of my children are my greatest joys! My most recent moment of joy though, was the birth of my granddaughter! Something we will never forget!

  10. Jessie C. says:

    My moment of joy – we picked up Christmas tree and decorated with DDs.

  11. Mary Happymommy says:

    My moment of joy is everyday! My daughter is the light of our lives.

  12. Lisa Brown says:

    My moment of joy was when my sister had her first child.

  13. Lisa Brown says:
  14. Elena says:

    My son’s birth was a moment of joy

  15. Elena says:

    here is the confirmation link I got (I cannot see the photo I uploaded there)

  16. stephanie says:

    i love seeing my daughter smile at me!

  17. One quick moment of joy was one day walking into the living room to find my husband napping on the sofa with our infant daughter (six years ago). It was so precious and loving that it just swelled my heart up!

  18. Jennifer Marie says:

    I was so happy to see my sons via ultrasound for the first time!!

  19. Cherie Montorio says:

    When my nephew was born.

  20. Thomas Murphy says:

    Holding my son for the first time was a great moment of joy for me.

  21. Laura Jacobson says:

    My special moment was the birth of my grandson! The light of my life!

  22. Amy W. says:

    My greatest moment of joy has been the birth of my 2 children.

  23. Watching my girls being born!!

  24. Tammy S says:

    A special moment was when I walked into my daughter’s kindergarten class and she was at the front of the class reading a story. I loved it!

  25. Tammy S says:
  26. soha molina says:

    Anytime I see my daughter.

  27. soha molina says:
  28. The moment of joy in my life…yes, all because of my kids. :) Recently, my very old laptop broke down. One day, my little boy (5 yrs old) gave me a hug and told me he would get me a purple (my favorite color) colored laptop as Christmas gift! Yes, I would love to have a purple laptop some day, but don’t think that would happen this year….but it’s the thought that counts.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  29. Michelle H. says:

    Watching my daughter get off the bus every day and seeing the dog go absolutely nuts when the bus pulls up. She jumps on the loveseat as soon as she hears the bus, watching out the window for the first sight of “her girl”. She’s barking and whining as my daughter walks up to the front door and then the minute they see each other, they act like they’ve been apart for years. It always makes me smile to see how much they love each other.

  30. Michelle H. says:

    I entered on Facebook and can’t grab a link but my submission is titled “Meet Dottie” and it’s a picture of my husband holding our first grandchild Dottie for the first time, she was just born last month.

  31. Carole Resnick says:

    I am gratefl for my life. On July 9 I had a nasty fall. I was in a coma for three weeks and then I went to a rehab facility for a month. I had to relearn how to walk, talk and even eat again. When I got home in late August I continued to have in-home physical therapy. I have gone from a wheel chair to a walker and today only a cane. My speach has returned although somewhat slurred. I can eat but not a lot (I have lost 50 pounds – which I needed to shed). I have been blessed.

  32. Amy Green says:

    When my dad knew I really wanted the “Evita” movie soundtrack, and surprised me with it, as a present.

  33. His first birthday and first halloween and christmas

  34. My moments of joy are watching the bond between my two kids. I am doing SOMEthing right!

  35. Lately is hearing my granddaughter is saying I Love You Grandma…. melts my heart.

  36. Janet W. says:

    The day my grandson was born was a huge moment of joy for me!

  37. Janet W. says:
  38. Barbara Montag says:

    Meeting my birth daughter and her family – thank you!

  39. Jennifer B says:

    Going on vacation to Florida for the first time with my husband and daughter

  40. April Yedinak says:

    Whenever I catch my older kids playing ‘childish’ games with my youngest just to make her happy. I have watched them sit through hours of ‘Go Fish!’

  41. April Yedinak says:

    For whatever reason, the link they give to share does not go directly to the submission. However, I will leave the link to my FB share from the site of my entry-

    I entered but the link doesn’t take you to my entry. In order to find it, I have to search for my name (Henrietta) Then I shared via Twitter, that link still doesn’t take you to the entry but here it is!

  43. Oh my goodness I have had so many moments of joy. Each of my 5 blessings births, Christmas’, Birthdays, like you watching my children grow and be happy is what makes my heart burst. :)

  44. Jessica Beard says:

    I loved when my son met Mickey Mouse for the first time last summer.

  45. Christy says:

    My biggest moment of joy was when my daughter was born.

  46. Kathy S says:

    There has been no great joy than having my 3 children.

  47. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    a moment of joy in my life was holding my niece for the first time

  48. Cindy B says:

    The day our grandson was born was a huge joy! He just turned 10 and is the light of my life :)

  49. My daughter brings me joy every day. From reading a chapter book at 5 years old in the library and other people commenting how good of a reader she is to seeing her jump out of bed this morning to open the 1st day of the advent calendar – I love sharing my days with her and seeing the world through her eyes!

  50. when i was able to get 5 families their thanksgiving dinners each dinner cost me under 15$ to make i felt so happy that i could help them out in a time of need, just to see their smiles on their face and tears in their eyes, touched my heart i will never forget this moment. i am so greatful.

  51. Kimberly says:

    My moment of joy is when my teenage daughter still says, I love you before you leaves for school in the morning.

  52. sheila musselman askins says:

    being with my daughter as my first grandchild was born!!

  53. mary fanara coleman says:

    My moment of joy of course was the birth of my dear daughter.

  54. Jill McHale says:

    My happiest moment was giving birth to my daughter :)

  55. Tabathia B says:

    Holding my baby for the first time when I was in ICU

  56. The day my son was born was the happiest day of my life.

  57. Mimi Avila says:

    My moment of joy is seeing my eldest girl graduate from high school (and soon college)!

  58. When my almost four year old hopped up on Santa’s lap. He couldn’t even tell him what he wanted because he was so giddy & giggling & happy to see him.

  59. Jen F says:

    Giving birth to my daughter was the most joyous day of my life…spending every day with her is icing on the cake!

  60. Audra Weathers says:

    The day my daughter was born and those pictures of her taking her first steps are so special.

  61. Waking up every day to the two best boys ever!

  62. Allyson Tice says:

    My moment of joy is when my kids get that deep down inner laugh that is pure music to my ears!

  63. Cuddles and laughs with my son!

  64. We went to our first trick or treating with my niece this year. So much fun to see her with light in her eyes

  65. D Schmidt says:

    I truly have so many moments of joy everyday, my youngest sons are very close in age so experience a lot of firsts together and its so special seeing their happiness and being a part of it.

  66. D Schmidt says:

    This is the email confirmation they sent but I cannot actually see it when I go there :

  67. Jessica Beard says:
  68. Karen Medlin says:

    Watching my 1st grandchild being born and being able to cut the cord. Happiest moment for me

  69. Tammy S says:
  70. Cynthia R says:

    greatest was when i met my boyfriend

  71. soha molina says:
  72. Lisa Brown says:
  73. Diane Sallans says:

    When I met my great-nephew for the first time at Thanksgiving.

  74. Claudia says:

    The first time my son called me Mom ! Thank you!

  75. i think completing a marathon last year was my biggest moment of joy.

  76. Jamie Brigham says:

    When I had my children, definitely one of three of the best moments in my entire life. I would give birth to them over and over and over again. Plus raising them and being a stay at home mom.

  77. Sanjay says:

    Having my first kid after years of trying and nearly giving up, was one of the best family moments ever! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  78. I had a moment of joy about a month ago when my son’s 8th grade basketball team won the 8th grade tournament. Thanks.

  79. Wanda McHenry says:

    I had a moment of joy when Folly had her picture taken with Santa, it took forever for her to smile at the camera because everyone in PetSmart was squeaking “sqeakie toys”!

  80. Tracy Robertson says:

    Thanksgiving with my family was a moment of joy!

  81. Jessica Beard says:
  82. Alaine says:

    Going on vacation with my family this year !

  83. Kelly Britton says:

    Of course one moment was the birth of my son, but even before that was the day I married my soul mate. We spent 28 wonderful years together, he passed in March 2010 and life will never be the same.

  84. I have many moments of joy I cherish. one of my favorites is the birth of my 1st daughter :)

  85. June L says:

    Getting married was one.

  86. Jessica Beard says:
  87. soha molina says:
  88. Fawn H says:

    My moment of Joy was getting married and the birth of my children

  89. Ashley Hatten says:

    When my children were born :)

  90. Ashley Hatten says:
    Not sure if it works or not but that is the link I got in my confirmation email

  91. Jim Lipscomb says:

    My greatest moment of joy was looking in my daughter’s eyes when she was born.

  92. Janet W. says:
  93. Jessica Beard says:
  94. I love that my 10 year old has a true passion for cooking (like her momma). She will pick up a cook book and just create her own version. It’s a beautiful thing!

  95. Eileen says:

    I have so many with 6 kids and 6 grandkids, but right now I am thinking of the joy I felt last year when our little angel grandson, who was born at 29 weeks, was allowed to come home JUST in time for Christmas. He spent two months in NICU. It was unquestionably one of the biggest of all joys in my life:)

  96. Eileen says:

    Hey Cat, not quite sure if any of us are allowed to enter the actual contest on the FP site if we do not have little ones. I believe you have to be a parent and have only those children in the photo or story? I’d have plenty to share though as one of our 1 yr. old grandchildren lives with us and another lil’ one is here for day care most days. We have abounding joy and G-ma is proud and keeps my camera forever ready for all moments of joy!

  97. Jessica Beard says:

    Here is one of my Moments of Joy

    My son in his sandbox.

  98. Jessica Galle says:

    When my son took his first steps – straight to mama!

  99. Heather! says:

    My husband, daughter and I spent a day out at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. She had just been released from the hospital and we were celebrating her health as we mourned another family tragedy. That day was precious and poignant, and filled with little moments of joy!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  100. Heather! says:
  101. Amy Orvin says:

    When I got my puppy was so joyful!

  102. courtney b says:

    when my precious baby was born!

  103. Jessica Beard says:

    Here is my Moment of Joy

    My son in his sandbox.

  104. Cindi Decker says:

    A moment of joy was seeing my granddaughter running to meet me after I had been gone for 3 months.

  105. Darlene Webb says:

    When my daughter was born: I remember pulling her on me and thinking how warm and plump she was. It was one of the best moments of my life.

  106. amy pugmire says:

    when my father who had 2 months left to live at the time met my son for the first time

  107. debbie jackson says:

    my moment of joy was my son’s birth here is a link I submitted

  108. sandra davis says:

    i have 3 moments of joy in my life…….the day my 3 boys were born

  109. I love fishing with my family

  110. Audrey Knox says:

    My greatest moment of joy was saying my kids smiling faces at Disney World 5 years ago. I would give anything to go back to that trip.

  111. Seeing my granddaughter come out of NICU for sure.

  112. Heather! says:
  113. Janet W. says:
  114. Samantha Remington says:

    Meeting my future husband in college

  115. I remember the day I found out – after years of trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant – that we finally had a positive result. It was the day between my father-in-law’s birthday and my in-law’s anniversary… a few months after my father-in-law unexpectedly passed. The joy of finding out we were pregnant couldn’t compare to bringing some light into the dark days my MIL was experiencing. THAT was joy.

  116. Catherine C says:

    My moment of joy comes when I feel the presence of Jesus! :)

  117. Jessica H. says:

    When my girls were born! Even though they sometimes make me want to pull my hair out :), they are two amazing girls and I am so blessed to have them as part of my life! Thank you!

  118. Tabathia B says:
  119. Lisa Dion says:

    Moment of joy is finally being able to return home after 3 months in the hospital