10 Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss in 2014

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Like many, I’m starting off the new year with plans to lose weight. It’s never easy to break old, bad habits but there are ways to make it easier to start good habits. A few years back I started my weight loss journey with a few simple tools in my kitchen with two goals in mind 1) walk every day and 2) count calories. My weight loss plan helped me lose 30 pounds in a few months. Unfortunately, the lifestyle change wasn’t as permanent as I’d hoped. For 2014, I’m once again embracing the lifestyle change in hopes of losing 50-60 pounds and I’ve got a few new gadgets in my kitchen to help me achieve that weight loss goal.

10 Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss In 2014 from Food Family Finds

1. Blender Bottle

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time, the Blender Bottles are an easy way to blend your favorite smoothie and take it on the go. They’re easy to use, clean and can be used to blend a protein shake, egg white omelet and a homemade salad dressing.

Buy It: Blender Bottle Variety Pack // under $15

2. Food Scale

Portion control isn’t fun but the OXO digital food scale will make it easy. Use it to weigh proteins so you know you’ve got just the right portion size for your weight loss plan.

Buy It: OXO Good Grips Food Scale // under $30

3. Stick Blender

Put the Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender to good use when smoothing your favorite low-calorie soup, salad dressing or breakfast smoothie. The small design and dishwasher safe shaft makes it easy to blend a meal, store and clean up so you can get on with your day.

Buy It: Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Hand Blender // under $35

4. Slow Cooker

Avoid fast food temptations at lunch and dinner time with the Crock-Pot iStir Slow Cooker. Cook up a large batch of a healthy vegetable soup for lunches through out the hectic week.

Buy It: Crock-Pot iStir Slow Cooker // under $65

5. Filtered Water

One of the most important parts of weight loss is staying hydrated with plenty of water. Make it a goal to drink water daily and make it clean water with the Laica Stream Water Filter Pitcher.

Buy It: Laica Stream Water Filter Pitcher // under $30

6. Measuring Cups

Make calorie counting a snap with colorful measuring cups. They’ll guarantee you get the right portion sizes at every meal.

Buy It: Trudeau 5 pc Measuring Cup Set // under $10

7. Salad Spinner

Make salads in minutes with the OXO salad spinner. The greens will be dry in no time and you can spin up your favorite vegetable combinations for a balanced bite every time.

Buy It: OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner // under $30

8. Electric Grill

Proteins don’t have to take a lot of time to cook and they certainly don’t have to be prepared in unhealthy oils. Season and grill the perfect portion of chicken or beef to top your salad with the George Foreman electric grill.

Buy It: George Foreman 2 Portion Electric Grill // under $20

9. Vegetable Steamer

Stop boiling the nutrients out of your vegetables and skip paying for over-priced frozen vegetables. Steam your fresh veggies to the perfect tenderness and keep the nutrients where they belong, in the vegetable.

Buy It: Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer // under $10

10. Lunch Kit

Make lunch time easy by preparing it for the week ahead. The Rubbermaid Lunch Blox make perfectly portioned containers for a sandwich with sides or  a salad with dressing.

Buy It: Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Salad Kit // under $10

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  1. Ohh yay! I have all of these and LOVE them! I second them all – but especially the food steamer! That thing is awesome. I throw veggies in there and they do not even need butter – they keep their flavor unlike when you boil them. LOVE it! Great list Cat! Happy 2014!

    • I think the steamer is my favorite. I got so tired of the frozen steamer veggies all covered in garlic and other sauces I didn’t like. Sometimes a girl just wants her veggies plain.

  2. Great list! Losing weight and getting my family to eat healthier is my resolution. I really need to get a kitchen scale.

    • Definitely. I use it more often than I thought I would. It’s great for baking too. Weighed flour is more accurate.

  3. This is a great list. We use pretty much all of these tools. The Lunch Blox looks really cool though – I haven’t seen those before. They look like they’d be great for prepping my husband’s lunches at the beginning of each week.

  4. I just got a new slow cooker before Christmas – but that one you pictured is ingenious with an automatic stirrer? Bah, now I want it! I also have to say I use my Blender Bottle a lot. For so many things, but primarily it is great to make those omelets like you mentioned.

  5. This is a great list! I have a bunch of these items, and I see a few that will make it on my wish list now! I need a good simple steamer basket!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! My husband has been looking for a food scale just like the one you mentioned. I’m definitely going to get this and surprise him with it. lol It’s the little things in life. :)

    • I adore that scale. The display pulls out so you can weigh large bowls and still be able to see the screen.

      • Yes, that’s what he’s been looking for. That man is in love with his food scale and was looking for a model that had a pull out display. He weighs everything! The ingredients for muffins, baby formula, oatmeal, everything! :)

  7. I love blender bottles. They are awesome. I use mine all day long!

  8. I would love to own the whole collection! I am going to try to eat better this year. We’ll see. ;)

  9. I need #3. I’ve been wanting a stick blender.

  10. I’ve been wanting #3 for ages and I think I’m just going to go out and get one, once and for all! Using our blender for ONE smoothie is wasteful, noisy and I hate taking the thing apart to clean it and then put it all back together.

  11. I have every single one of these, so there really is no excuse for not losing weight this year. Is there?

  12. I have a few of those {or variations of those} & love them, like the Blender Bottle and the Food Scale. I definitely see a few things that I want to add to my kitchen, though!

  13. Ahhh the stick blender seriously is my favorite kitchen item ever! Great picks!

  14. I want a stick blender SO badly! I need to save up and get a nice one (I’ve been using the attachment that came with my hand mixer and it just doesn’t cut it.)

  15. The stick blender is something I REALLY need to add to my kitchen!

  16. I actually have a few of these already, but one thing I’ve wanted for a long time is a stick blender! I think I may just treat myself to one this year. :-)

  17. I have all these gadgets – except that water filter as that’s built into my fridge already – but I use them all the time! My slow cooker is my all time favourite! Happy 2014, Cat!

  18. I have many of these items. My stainless steel veggie steamer is my favorite! A kitchen scale is definitely a MUST-HAVE for those looking to lose weight.

  19. I have the salad spinner. I love my salad spinner but it is so large when it is only me and I use it at lunch time. I wonder if they carry a smaller version.

  20. Crockpots are a must have whether dieting or not! I don’t know what I’d do without mine. We use the Rubbermaid LunchBlox for Savanna. And they are really sturdy. I’d also add on there bento style boxes for snacks during the day. I like to keep one with mini pretzels, nuts, and dried fruits in the van when we go on road trips. It keeps me out of the chips and candy bars. I really need to work on drinking more water.

  21. Fantastic list! I really want an immersion blender. I pinned it to my Wish List Pinterest board. :)